You pick the style you want to sing!

Each student will receive individual private lessons  catered to their personal needs in order to optimize and reach every singers full vocal potential. based on years of experience We work on specific isolation exercises using the latest techniques for breathing, isometric strength balance, proper tonal placement.

and phrase execution. increasing each students range and strength both up and down creating a freer more flexible instrument.



You pick the style you want to play!

Every student will receive a combination of what they like to do and what they need.

For Guitar They will learn:

proper technique, harmony and theory,

reading music,chords,scales, modes and both rhythm and lead for guitar both acoustic and electric guitar.

For Bass They will learn:

reading music, fingered, pick, and slap bass techniques.



video&audio production

Students can have themselves recorded in a studio environment to record there own

Audio Demo tracks or live H.D. Video with

Pro Audio that can be uploaded to You tube!

All audio is mixed down separately

in order to optimize each performances representation.

We will soon be adding green screen capability where you can pick the background for your video!