Larry Keith

All Students get the benefit of years of study and application of several different vocal methods.

Larry studied for several years under renowned voice coach and trainer Eddie Watson in Boston.

Eddie worked with many well known artists such as, Steven Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith , Peter Wolf of the J. Geils Band , Donna Summer, Livingston Taylor, Alana Warren, and Walter Beasley a professor of Berklee School of music and on the BMG Label as well as hundreds of other touring and full time working artists in Musical Theatre etc.

Larry also studied guitar at Berklee School of Music and has over 20 years of professional performance. He believes that God has a purpose for our voices and instruments and how they are significant in the Kingdom of God.



All students choose the music they want to sing. We will teach an develop your skills with our own training and teaching methods which focus on developing the anatomy of the voice and can be used to train a variety of vocal styles, training the voice as an instrument.

Students study techniques of well known touring artists to recognize of the subtle but effective techniques of the trade that optimize the voices strengths and flexibilities where it really counts.

Students only work with top professional microphones, and headphones to learn proper techniques for live performance and recording.


Each month, you as a student have the opportunity to record in a studio environment. 

This will include AUDIO and VIDEO recording.

Students then get to analyze each recording to point out areas of improvement and development. The student can then use these recordings to track their progress or showcase their talent online via Facebook,  Instagram, Youtube etc..



How are we different from other schools and methods?

Our method focuses on the voice as an instrument and does not restrict the vocalists to a particular style of singing, like Opera or Theatre for instance. We use a variety of resources to illustrate exactly how the voice works. From anatomical models and charts of the Larynx, and Pharynx to live concert footage of the music industry's best.

Can anyone learn to sing?

Yes! We believe that if you are able to breath and speak clearly, and have the determination to improve, you have everything it takes to learn to sing.

Is it a lot of work?

You should spend on average, 30 to 60 minutes each day on vocal exercises and singing combined.

Are voice lessons just for beginners?

NO NOT AT ALL. Anyone can benefit from correct training, no matter what level they are at.